Innovation, performance and quality service as a core value. Adoption of these core values is essential to executing our strategy and ensuring a work environment that supports the company’s objectives and inspires employees to new levels of productivity, helping them achieve their professional goals.

Respect for local laws and cultures. We comply with national laws and respect the cultures of the countries in which we operate. We support the principles of free enterprise and fair competition and observe applicable regulations. We promote, defend and support our legitimate business interests with due regard to the law and the interests of society.

Value for customers. We are a reliable partner for our clients and aim to deliver our services without jeopardizing stakeholder interests. We offer services under terms that do not compromise our independent professional judgment and aim to create optimal value for clients. We focus on continuously improving our services through investment in our knowledge base and the development of employee competencies.

Responsible employment practices. Our people are the key to our success and we respect their human and labor rights so they may work in a safe, healthy, professional and supportive environment. We encourage engagement and support personal development through comprehensive policies and initiatives. Every SSO&G employee has an equal opportunity for personal recognition, advancement, career development and compensation, regardless of background or beliefs. The same policy applies to recruitment. No form of discrimination or harassment is tolerated. We strive to ensure fundamental human and labor rights are respected throughout our operations.