April, 2014. Skyspring Oil and Gas Services, Inc. a chemical company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing products and services for the oil and gas drilling and production industry announced today that it has signed a contract for the consulting services of Mr. William Benton, Senior Technical Adviser and Business Strategist to develop Cesium Formate and Potassium Formate brines for the oil and gas industry.

Benton has nearly 20 years of heavy brine experience including Research Director and Business Development Manager for Cabot Specialty Fluids. Benton is an active member of the American Petroleum Institute SC13 Drilling, Completion and Fracturing Fluids Committee which develops and maintains procedures on testing of heavy brines as well as other products for oil and gas exploration and production. William has been a member of SPE for over 25 years.

Skyspring Oil and Gas Services, Inc. product engineer commented: “His wide ranging expertise in development as well as global commercialization of Cesium Formate and Potassium Formate brines is what we need at this very important time for Skyspring Oil and Gas Services. We are very pleased to have an engineer of William’s caliber join our team.”

“William brings us significant experience in the high density, clear brine drilling and completion fluids field and a proven track record of results-based leadership” said Wen Coa, CEO and co-founder of Skyspring Oil and Gas Services, Inc.

“This is a tremendous opportunity that combines a highly sustainable, environmentally acceptable drilling and completion fluid with a significant oil and gas industry need. I look forward to working with this committed team and delivering on our strategic initiatives, while positioning Skyspring Oil and Gas Services for future growth and continued success.”

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For more information please contact Rick Paulson at rick.paulson@ssoag.com.