prod-serv4In the oil field, asphaltenes are known to form deposits which can clog well formations, flow lines, and surface facilities. Changes in pressure, temperature, and shear rate may cause asphaltene precipitation and deposition. Asphaltenes can build up in many places along the production system, from inside the formations to pumps, tubing, wellbores, safety valves etc. Asphaltene deposits can cause production problems for field operations and may even cause safety issues. Skyspring oil & gas services has developed an ideal product for solving asphaltene problems. SS637 & SS237 asphaltene solvents are the industry’s first choice for asphaltene:






Product specifications:

SS237: Orange oil based solvent SS637: Xylene based solvent
Color Deep orange color
Density, g/cc 0.857 0.868
API 33.5 31.5
Viscosity (at 60 degrees F), cp 2.0 0.88
Viscosity (at 40 degrees F), cp 2.8  
Flash point, degreeF 116 86
Application Environmentally friendly products, may contact with people directly Applicable where xylene is applied

SS637 & SS237 can provide the following benefits:

  • SS637 dissolves asphaltenes 3 times faster than xylene.
  • SS637 has much better solvency power than xylene.
  • SS637 is effective on a wide variety of asphaltenes.
  • SS237 is environmentally friendly with the same performance as SS637.