One of the most common problems in the production of heavy crude involves the formation of paraffin deposition in pipelines. The inner surface of the pipeline becomes fouled with these paraffin deposits, which reduces flow diameter, decreases overall throughput, and results in a higher pressure drop when crude is pumped through the pipeline.

While normally paraffin is the main content of the deposit on the pipeline. In most cases, it is a mixture of paraffin and asphaltenes. So it is important for the paraffin solvent to have both effect on paraffin and asphaltene.

Skyspring oil & gas services has developed an ideal product for solving Paraffin problems. SS801 Paraffin solvent is the industry’s first choice for Paraffin.


SS801 can provide the following benefits:

  • SS801 dissolves paraffin much faster than xylene.
  • SS801 has much better solvency power than xylene.
  • SS801 is effective on a wide variety of paraffin.
  • SS801 can remove paraffin as well as the asphaltene in the deposition.

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