drilling-fluidsFormate brine for HPHT drilling

Reservoirs with high pressures and temperatures are frequent targets for exploration and development. But pressure and temperature have a big influence on the physical and chemical properties of drilling processes and technologies. Formate Brine is an ideal drilling fluid to meet these challenges. Cesium Formate brines have been used successfully in open-hole and close-hole completion and drilling operations since the late 1990s.



Formate brine drilling fluid can provide the following benefits:

  • High density
  • Ideal for HPHT wells
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low viscosity
  • Improve bit performance and extend bit life
  • Lower HSE and operations risks
  • Lower well construction costs
  • Slightly alkaline pH is compatible with most downhole metals, elastomers and polymers
  • Reduce completion time
  • Minimize impact on reservoir
  • Optimize reservoir drainage
  • Less corrosive than other brines at high¬†temperatures


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