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Asphaltene Inhibitors SSA46T

Skyspring has a series of Asphaltene inhibitors to help to solve Asphaltene related issues. These inhibitors provide a customized chemical application process that help to mitigate possibility of forming Asphaltene deposition. Skyspring’s Asphaltene inhibitors keep operations running smoothly and maximum your production.


  • Maximize production potential by preventing deposition formed in reservoirs and flowlines
  • Decrease the possibility of forming asphaltenes precipitation at crude oil
  • Optimize performance of downhole chemical treatment and maximum uptime
  • Protect subsea wells and flowlines from asphaltene blockage and damage

Currently our asphaltene inhibitors products are showing excellent performance in many big projects,  not only in lab tests ( such as Turbine scan, Organic Solid Deposition and Control (OSDC) for live oil and High Pressure Microscope (HPM), but also in field application, which helps to reduce 90+% asphaltene precipitation after applying it.


OSDC Test, before applying SSA46T OSDC Test, after applying 600ppm SSA46T




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