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Lubricant Additive SS850

Best lubricant additive for pumps Pumps play an important role in the oil & gas industry. Lubricant additive SS 850 for pumps is a specialty product which offers extreme reliability, chemical stability, pressure resistance and is non-combustible. SS 850 is a nanotechnology based lubricant additive for oil and gas industrial pumps. Specification:    

Instructions: The recommendation concentration is 0.5~2wt% SS 850 can provide the following benefits:

  • Repairs worn surface and extends the service life of pumps
  • Reduces noise by 5~10 db
  • Reduces friction and heat produced by pumps
  • Increases efficiency and reduces the chance of pump failure
  • Protects pump under extreme pressure condition and reduces wear to a minimum
  • Easily disperses in various lubricating oils
  • It is compatible with most pump lubricants



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